Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did the high priest wear a rope into the Holy of Holies so he could be pulled out?

Question from Keri's Bible class:

Is it true that the high priests had to wear a rope around their waist when they entered the Holy of Holies in case they fainted or died while they were in someone outside the curtain could pull them out?

Answer from Pastor Bob:

This is a late Jewish tradition, but I cannot find a specific reference to it in the Bible. Exodus 28:35 says he is to wear a bell that will be heard when he enters the Holy of Holies, "so that he does not die." God knows everything, and so the noise of the bell wasn't because God couldn't hear them coming it, but it was a way of showing reverence to greet God, so the priest would not enter the Holy of Holies flippantly. However, there is nothing in the Bible that says the priest wore a rope or cord to be pulled out. This is in some Jewish traditions, but not in the Bible.

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