Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who is the man measuring in Ezekiel 43?

Question from Greg:

I have a question about Ezekiel, chapter 43.
Who is the man measuring and standing beside Ezekiel? v.6

Answer from Pastor Bob:

In the early chapters of Ezekiel, the glory of the Lord departed, because of the sin of the people, committed even in the temple (Ezekiel chapters 8-10).
Apparently the "measurement" of the new temple in Ezekiel 43 represents a prophecy of a coming perfection in the last days, when God's glory will return and worship will be pure and pleasing to God. "Measurement" is a symbolic way of saying that God measures them spiritually to see if they "measure up." The man beside Ezekiel seems to be a heavenly guide, perhaps an angel. Verses 10-12 may refer to the first coming and/or Second Coming of Christ. Revelation 11:1-2 tells of another heavenly being who is given a rod to measure the temple.

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